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Here at Jeffrey’s Drug Store, We sell a wide variety of CBD Products to fill your every need!

Please stop into the pharmacy, where our lead CBD Pharmacist Brian, a healthcare professional, will fit you to exactly the kind of product you need.


PCRX Tinctures are an ultra-premium phytocannabinoid rich herbal supplement. The US grown industrial hemp that we use contains a broad spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenoids. Our PCRX Tincture is formulated using a phytocannabinoid rich extract composed of a 10:1 ratio of cannabidiol:cannabigerol. With patented technology, we are able to provide the highest quality PCR extract while gently removing all detectable THC.


PCX Tinctures are a high quality phytocannabinoid rich herbal supplement. Our products are fomulated using a phytocannabinoid rich extract composed of a 30:1 ratio of cannabidiol:cannabigerol. The PCX Tincture may be used as a daily supplement, and are available right here at the pharmacy or available distributors! Experience the difference offered by the superior ingredients and techniques that come with our CBD Pruducts!


PCRX HEMP BALM contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids with naturally occurring terpenes. Our proprietary blend of carriers provides a highly abosorbable base, which we combine with the therapeutic properties of lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint, and frankincense. Our 10:1 cannabidiol:cannabierol phytocannabinoid rich formula assists with sore muscles and achy joints. Our blend of coconut oil, mango butter, hemp seed butter, and lanolin fights bacteria, ease skin itch and irritation, assist with moisturizing dry skin, increase the youthful appearance of skin, and also helps add a protective barrier to the area it is applied on.