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LTC Packaging Options

By working with Jeffreys LTC Pharmacy, we can help guide you through the positives and negatives of each, including your current packaging, to decide what will be most effective moving forward. today to find out how we can help your staff reduce med passes, errors and reduce overall cost.

Bingo Cards/Unit Dose Packaging

LTC Packaging - Jeffreys LTC Pharamcy

  • Bingo cards…
  • Blister Cards…
  • Unit Dose…

These are all terms that can be used to describe how most medications are packaged in the Long Term Care arena.

Each medication is individually packaged and labeled by dose.  If the dose is only 1/2 tablet, that will be what is in each slot.  If it is 2 tablets, you will find two.  By doing this, Jeffreys LTC Pharmacy can help your staff to speed up medication admin passes by not having to split tablets, or pull from multiple slots.

We can also label each individual card by the time of day it should be given to help staff organize your cart more efficiently.


LTC Packaging - Jeffreys LTC PharmacyMedisets are ideal for patients who need a little extra assistance with medications, but not full nursing management.

Organized by time of day, all medications are together and ready to take without the need to fumble with multiple bottles or bingo cards.

Our medisets can also come with perforations that allow for an individual time of day to be torn off and travel with you without the bulk of the entire week’s worth of medication.

Multi-Dose Packaging

LTC Packaging - Jeffreys DrugstorThis style of packaging allows for multiple medications to be placed together, but without the bulk of the mediset style packaging we also supply.

Each medication has an individual label to track all of the information you will need to identify and administer accurately and with confidence.

Organized in 1 week cards (Monday to Sunday), each column is used for a time of day (morning, noon, evening, bedtime) to easily find the day and time your patient needs.