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Rx Refill

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We offer you three ways to request your refills.

Mobile Refill App

The fastest and easiest is to download our Smart Phone APP, RxRefill for your iPhone or Android phone. You will be able to just scan the barcode on your bottles, select our pharmacy and press the button to order any refill, could not be easier!

We have a more comprehensive medication re-ordering available by using Refill Rx – Online Portal. In this method, you will need to establish a user account which will then securely give you access to your complete medication profile directly from our pharmacy system. Here you can request refills, see if each medication is actually due or if you have refills remaining or just look up detailed drug information about any of your prescription medications.

Or just as you always have been able to, you can use the form below. To start, please fill in the form using the Rx number or if you don’t have the number, the medication name for each. Either way we will prepare your refills for you as we always have, the choice is yours.

NOT FOR COMPOUNDED RXS, Click HERE to order compounded refills


  • Who Is This Prescription For?

  • Medications Needed

    Entering Refill Information
    If you have the refill Rx#, it is not required to enter the Drug Name, although you still may if you would like.
  • Enter your Rx number from your prescription bottle.
  • If no Rx number, enter the medication name.
  • Pick-Up Information