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A pharmacy should do more than just count your pills into bottles and have a cashier check you out, all after waiting upwards of 30 minutes to sometimes over 2 hours while you shop for your motor oil and groceries! Here at Jeffreys Drugstore, a member of The Medicine Shoppe franchise system, our franchise logo says it all, Caring Beyond Prescriptions! That is part of the reason we know each and every regular customer well and address you by name when you come in – we are truly happy that you make the choice to be our customer.

Caring Beyond Prescriptions means that we offer you not just a personalized service level that is “Far Superior” to the big boxes, but also we have added services to assist you with managing your health. We want to be more your partner in health care than just another commodity stop to pick up your prescriptions. From FREE delivery, Vitamin and Nutrition Counseling, , unit dosing services, Incrediwear Braces and Socks and much more! We counsel hundreds of patients each week on how to properly take their medications so stop in and see why our pharmacists are leading the pack and helping all of our customers to lead healthier lives.

Medication Synchronization

Synchronize Your Medications – Simplify Your Life!Time-my-meds

Have you ever wanted to just pick up all of your medications at the same time each month and eliminate all of the extra pharmacy trips to the pharmacy? We want to help you achieve that goal and help you lead a healthier lifestyle along with that! Take a close look at how our Time My meds program can help you! Click Here for More Information.

Unit Dosing Services by


A safe and convenient medication packaging system

Dispill is an innovative and patented multi-dose packaging system that makes it easy to take your medication. Each Dispill blister pack contains 28 individual blisters that contain your prescribed medication for a specific time (morning, noon, evening, bedtime) and date. Click-here-buttonto learn more!

FREE Home Delivery Service

Free Delivery - Jeffreys Drugstore Canonsburg
We offer FREE local delivery service every Monday through Friday all day. All requests for delivery must be placed by 12pm the day of requested delivery. We also deliver to many of the assisted living centers in and around Canonsburg and the South Hills community almost every day! You or a loved one could benefit from our services and have your medications delivered right to your living facility. Take advantage of our FREE Delivery and beat the winter weather or summer showers.

Call us anytime to see if we deliver to your area and you too can see why we are the Best Pharmacy Experience in all of Pittsburgh!

Harmonyx Testing - Jeffreys Drugstore

The future of medicine is here and it’s available at your friendly Jeffreys Drugstore, Harmonyx Diagnostics testing. Get your doctor to “Write The Right Prescription” from the very start of your medication therapy!

Can Harmonyx test for my prescription? Testing is available for Antiplatelets, Statins, ADHD, or Pain prescriptions. Click Here to read more then stop in to ask your pharmacist if Harmonyx Diagnostic Testing can help you and your family improve your medication therapy.

Partner Businesses

Washington Medical Supply is owned by Gerard O’Hare and an accredited DME supplier. They can bill to Medicare, Highmark and many other insurances and the have a large selection of Durable Medical Equipment (DME). A large selection including bath rails, toilet seat extension, walkers, rollators, wheel chairs, power scooters and much more to choose from! Stop in and see their collection and discuss what may be right for you. Certified fitters to insure that you get the right product to fit your unique needs. Click Here to read more about the Washington Medical DME offerings.

Onsite Testing Specialists is owned by Gerard O’Hare has large variety of Drug testing supplies to fit your specific needs. We are familiar with the needs of all facets of the drug testing industry. They service clients and their specific needs in the Criminal Justice Department, Employee Drug testing, Treatment Centers, Pain Management Clinics, Clinical Laboratories, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Pharmacies. We sell everything from Drug Tests to pregnancy tests to collection gloves.

If you need to discuss employee drug testing for your business, Click Here to read more about the Onsite Testing Specialsts offerings.