Your Prescriptions are vital to your health and well-being.

Sadly, they also represent a huge source of risk, frustration, and time.

Discover the safer, easier way to receive, separate, and take your medications

All you do is open the correct pouch for your dose and take your meds!

Our Solution To Solve These Problems

Introducing ScriptEase® packaging, a service from your Jeffreys Drugstore.
We take all the hassle, confusion, and risk out of taking your medications.

  • We coordinate with you and your doctors on all of your medications and then we send you a pre-filled, disposable, color coded, labeled with date and time “Blister Pack” with your prescriptions for the next four weeks.
  • Then every four weeks we simply send you another ScriptEase® Pack with the next four weeks.
  • Then, until you tell us to stop, we keep in touch with you and your doctor to keep your prescriptions up to date and ship your prescriptions to you every four weeks.

What would it mean to you if
you never worried about your meds again?

Call us TODAY so that we can take the stress out of taking your meds!

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